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SAM4s SPS-2000 Touch Screen

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The Sam4s SPS-2000 features advanced touch screen technology. Pre-loaded with stable, proven and flexible software for both Hospitality and Retail Solutions.
The latest, high performance, solid state onboard flash memory negates the need for unreliable hard drives and unnecessary operating systems.
Night Clubs, Bars and the Leisure Industry find the reliability of the Sam4s SPS-2000 perfect for their demanding work load in hostile work areas.
12.1” XGA Touch Monitor
The SPS-2000 provides vivid colour with high resolution TFT LCD touch screen which is protected from harsh operating environments. The viewing angle is adjustable between 22° and 77° degrees.
Network and Peripherals
Fast Ethernet network capability allows sharing of transaction data. Versatile connectivity for peripherals via 6 Serial, 2 USB, Cash Drawer, Mouse and Keyboard Ports.
Operator Security
Fast, secure and reliable operator sign on by Dallas key.
Features & Benefits
12.1"TFT LCD Colour Touch Panel.
Rear VFD Customer Display.
Operating System - Embedded Linux.
Maximum PLU Status Groups 99.
Maximum PLU’s 30,000.
Maximum Clerk 99.
Training Mode.
Up to 10 Discount Rates.
Table Management.
Eat In, Take Away Prompting and VAT Rate Adjustment.
Magnetic Card or Dallas Key Reader.

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