Technical support when you need it

With a 12 month warranty on all of the EPOS systems provided by CCM, you can rest assured that you and your investment will be looked after from the beginning. At the end of this period a maintenance agreement is offered to continue this full guarantee covering parts, labour, travel and software support on a 7 day a week basis.

We offer:

  • Full programming of your initial stock file
  • Full onsite training to proprietor, manager and sales staff
  • Extra management training for product editing, analysis etc.
  • Technical support
  • EPOS repairs and maintenance
  • Professional EPOS repairs and maintenance

    We only use high quality hardware sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring you get a long-lasting repair solutions. If you experience any issues with your EPOS system, we’re always on hand to help and within easy reach of local businesses.

    For technical support, EPOS training and more call CCM on:

    0345 2020 444

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